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Now in our 80'th Year!

Meet The ACLU Mid-Peninsula Chapter

We are the San Francisco mid-peninsula chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union.  We provide local support for the cities from Mountain View to Redwood City.  Currently, there are about 3500 dues-paying members in this region.

We are an all-volunteer group.  Your dues and donations go to pay salaries and expenses at the national headquarters in Washington and at the regional headquarters in San Francisco.  You can use these links to go to their web sites:

                ACLU National Organization    

                ACLU for Northern California  

Our mission is to supplement the activities of the regional and national headquarters by providing local presence in our cities.

We have a volunteer board-of-directors that arranges local events and provides a hotline for civil rights violations in our district. 

You may view our By-laws as a PDF file by clicking here.


Board Members
for 2015

> Lynn Fazio

>Meghan Fraley

> Cybele LoVuolo-Bhushan

> Jerry Schwarz (chair)

> Alice Smith

> Sally Stewart

> Angelica Zabanal