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Good Movies

Available on the Web

Death By Fire

Did Texas execute an innocent man?  See the story on Frontline by clicking the title above.

Law and Disorder

After Katrina, police and racism mixed.  Click the heading above to see the movie free!

The Torture Question

Is the U.S. Government torturing people "to fight terror"?  Click the heading above to see the movie.


Docu-dramas are documentaries that have been at-least partly reenacted.  Some have won Academy Awards! 

The Thin Blue Line

This film resulted in the release of a wrongfully-convicted man who had served 10 years on death row.  It features interviews with the actually killer who testified against the wrongfully-convicted man.


This is the story of how the governor of Illinois came to pardon 156 inmates on the state's death row after 12 were shown to be non-guilty by students at a college.

Prom Night in Mississippi

There were separate proms for blacks and whites at this school until Morgan Freeman offered to support an integrated prom in 2008.


Angelina Jolie stars and Clint Eastwood directs this story of a woman whose son went missing.  The police return another boy as her son, and then declare her insane when she doesn't recognize him.  Amazing, but it really happened in 1928 Los Angeles.

American Violet

The ACLU played a leading part in this movie of a police department that rounded up African-Americans based on the flimsiest of evidence.

Good Night, and Good Luck

George Clooney stars in the story of Edward R. Murrow's interviews with Senator Joseph McCarthy.


The Most Dangerous Man in America

This is the story of Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers told 35 years after the events occurred.  Freedom-of-speech won!

Murder on a Sunday Morning

This documentary uses actual court-room video.  An innocent man is charged with a brutal murder that he couldn't possibly have committed.  The events happened in 2000 and the movie won the academy award in 2001.

Unconstitutional: The War on Our Civil Liberties

This is the story of the Patriot Act.

The Times of Harvey Milk

This is the documentary that inspired the docu-drama that stared Sean Penn.  The documentary won the Academy Award in 1985.

Harlan County, U.S.A

This was filmed in 1973 when everyone wanted to be in movies.  The bad-guys actually show their smoking guns to the cameras.  Who says a coal-mine strike is boring?  This film won the Academy Award in 1976.


A good documentary about Marijuana.

Ulysses S. Grant: Warrior/President

How did our racial problems start?


Several times, the ACLU has defended the religious rights of Jehovah's Witnesses.  This documentary tells the stories.

Good Movies
Civil rights is good movie material!   Film makers know this and hundreds of dramas, docu-dramas, and documentaries have been made. 

You can see some of them free on the web.  The others are available on Netflix or

If you know of more good civil-rights movies, email us.